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Key Solution Systems provides to the most recognized and important industries the functional industrial systems platform, based on to improve capabilities, efficiency, quality, raw materials consumptions traceability and process intelligence implementation. Our main objectives are to systematize the business rules operations, to offer real time and historical information, to present proper and useful information to diverse hierarchical level, and to consult during business case building process to justify technology investments. Nowadays industrial information technologies represents a good difference during information control process, it reveals the process reality and drives a change of concepts towards a continuous improvement.

Our job is to improve the plant productivity, to offer information detailed for decision making, it represents the difference during profit and loss process. Our current experience implementing projects successfully in USA, Mexico, Latin America and Europe is our best warranty. Key Solution Systems offers consulting for the latest industrial information technologies enhancing production lines profitability and implementing systems and software solutions for suppliers management, warehouse, production scheduling, efficiency, traceability, quality, ERP data interfaces, monitoring, production line control optimization, and raw materials consumptions traceability.



We offer consulting services and industrial software engineering for our clients needs, we start from the analysis, design and applications development, according to the industry specifications and requirements, complemented with our large experience in industrial processes and applications, thus, we generate the best technologies at the best price... the ultimate solution to the client.


Industries evolved through the years to have control over instruments and processes, likewise, they invested to improve the instruments, resources and procedures and consequently the finished good. MES Systems nowadays allows process and resources efficiency, qualify and quantify quality, obtain raw materials consumptions traceability, production costs knowledge to measure it, reduce it improve it, all of this made possible by MES Systems.


We provide industry specialized training services, we have achieved the necessary certifications to be a worldwide provider, our training courses are made with material from the manufacturers. If requested, we aim for an added value, conducting trainings specialized in applications the client has in its facilities, this allows the staff in training maximise their knowledge and apply this potential to their processes.


We provide the equipment and hardware components needed for the systems implementations. Selling hardware is not KSS core, taking that as an advantage we can offer the best prices in the market for Servers, Switches, Racks, Computers, Industrial Monitors, Scanners, Printers, Workstations, Laptops, PLC´s and Instrumentation. We have direct parters such as HP, DELL, Ingram Micro, Schneider, Allen Bradley, Siemens, Honeywell, ACP and more.


We create Technical Support programs that provides our staff the necessary knowledge to help current systems and industrial applications always run in the best way and without any problems, with a direct and continuous contact with the client. This programs ease applications upgrades and inclusion of engineering hours for optimization. This way, with our staff, we support a perfect performance of the applications.


The core of installed software has to be constantly renewed, Operative Systems life cycle and support comes to an end, hardware is deducted in 4 years and the industry, it causes loses if stays for a longer time. We have great advice and development experience to update hardware and software, with high level engineering process, which through the years, allowed us to offer reliability towards our clients and added value to their investments in industrial technologies.


We propose, recommend and advise the client for the necessary software to developing a solution and its implementation. From an HMI to a complex MES System within a production line, with reporting elements in mobile or desktop devices, always taking advantage of previously acquired software. We connect ERP's and operative platforms, all in one solution, with the most economic prices in the licensing industry.


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We have developed systems to control raw material warehouses (WMS) including all its procedures. Our experience has thought us that to achieve this the first step is to control the supplier, not only the warehouse, this is why our solution covers this with a supplier portal, which allows them to not make a technology investment, the client has control over product specifications, estimated time of arrival and quantity. WSM fulfils every aspect, from the warehouse configuration and layout, to communication with ERP's.


A basic element of an MES system is foreseeing, understand and have all finished goods information available, this process begins from start to finish, identifying each material lot number, work order, bill of materials, machinery, users, raw materials, sub assembly, times and even wasted material from the process and most importantly, real associated manufacture cost and other relevant information.


Manufacturing parameters for equipment and how to use it, give us and idea of the production line by line and it is a must target for each industry, unfortunately those that do not measure their efficiency with technological basis, tend to skip reality, and expose manipulated measurements rates. We advise and provide help to our clients with the accurate information in order to make actions for an efficiency increment, this investments are easy to return and veracity is continuous improvement.


An elemental part in the industry is the measurement of the quality parameters within the process, by controlling and monitor it, we allow real time decision making and product optimization. SPC allows the use of objective criteria in order to distinguish in depth variations of important events, obtain information about the process core, measure and analyse it, and take actions that maintain or increase the quality of the finished goods.


Industry and MES systems model need a 360° turn. Industry is bases in monitoring and tracing the operation, the ERP is a powerful tool to continue this model, technological tendencies suggest that the model needs to be based in the business rules, respecting and pondering the processes, but prioritizing operative rules. The software around the world is barely turning that way, and we are already implementing this new model.


ERP systems exploited this definition for years, wrapped industries showing information to the client, and supported organization in order to restructure administrative decisions. We have learned to apply this results towards industrial processes, a decision for an equipment or production line made in real time generates immediate results, for this we implement smart systems in the process that allows information break down and execute decision.


Industrial development focused in instrumentation and control within production lines, this lines grew and new technology was installed due to plant requirements. Odd was the industry that began to standardize from de roots, then, the need of SCADAS and historians arrived, so does applications development with different standards, processes, drivers and providers. How to obtain the proper information?. We arrange industries, engineering standardization for an easy growth no matter the installed base.


The result of implementing intelligence software (EMI) is the reliability delivering real answers to the needed people, implementation of elements that allows a a response to the demand and market opportunities. This change is in the experience of strategies to implement Big Data acquisition. We have achieved a connection between the data source in floor to make automatic calculations, context analysis and operational storage for an intuitive KPI and metrics acquisition.



We have developed MES applications that are being implemented all over Latin America, North America and Europe, we work side by side with the industry to standardize engineering, data acquisition, procedures and operations, reports, and developing applications easy to replicate in other plants, achieving a lower cost of final user development. We work with the three major food and beverage companies worldwide, this is how our experience is ascertainable.


The variety of process in which we have knowledge and have developed applications has positioned Key Solution Systems as a preferential integrator from the most important consumer goods companies. We have advised and implemented systems as simple as an SCADA, statistical process control (SPC), databases to historicizing all production line variables,batch processes, engineering standardization for the entire plant, warehouse systems, and even manufacture execution systems.


Great experience in electric transmission, we have worked with 7 of 9 zones across the country, provide applications and infrastructure, develop monitoring systems (HMI, SCADA, GEO SCADA) and implementation of the software platform for the south west and metropolitan area of Mexico City, achieving growth and standardization. We provide licensing and drivers for industrial systems, we help different partners to develop and dimension applications in the electricity field..


We have developed applications in USA, hired by Rockwell Automaton for Kinder Morgan in Houston since 2013, to install the industrial software standard. We have presence in USA that keeps developing. We also created a monitoring and control solution for PEMEX, that allows their product delivery to their clients, and supervise the process from PEMEX site, as well as appropriate quantity and standardized security.


We have developed MES applications that are being installed in Mexico, North America and Asia, we work together with the industry to standardize engineering, automatic and manual data acquisition, operations and procedures, reports, and overall, develop applications that are easy to migrate to other plants. Our experience can be seen through our constant work with manufacturing companies updating their standards.


Understanding the automotive industry and parts manufacturing have a complete traceability focus, have full control of the manufacturing process sequence part by part, including warehouse, sub assemblies, production bifurcation, genealogy, raw material consumption and production efficiency, this is the foundation of today's automotive industrial systems. The maturity of this industry in our country requires high level systems integrators with development capacity and worldwide certifications, we are that systems integrator.


Nowadays, government and industries have invested in aquifers services and care. We have helped this cause by developing GEO-SCADA systems and standardizing the monitoring and control platform for diverse water storage and treatment units, from wells to sumps, PTAR's and industrial treatment plants, using cutting edge technology in communications and solar energy. This developments helps decision making immediately for water administration, giving consumption and care accuracy.


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We work hand by hand with the most important industries for the implementation of industrial information software, the interaction with hardware and software elements allows a base for continuous improvement. This brands recognize us year by year, we invest in trainings and certifications for our staff to successfully integrate the systems, and operate with the lowest price in the market, our clients acquire quality services with worldwide certifications at economic prices, with the standards and best engineering practices validated by or partners.



We work hand by hand with the most important industries for the implementation of industrial information software, the interaction with hardware and software elements allows a base for continuous improvement. This brands recognize us year by year, we invest in trainings and certifications for our staff to successfully integrate the systems, and operate with the lowest price in the market, our clients acquire quality services with worldwide certifications at economic prices, with the standards and best engineering practices validated by or partners.